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clients: adidas, about you, archive berlin, calvin klein, colors clothing company, fraelein magazine, freedom of space, jetset, itsapark x h&m, highsnobiety, interview magazine, les benjamins, l'officiel turkey, low lights studios, mcm, nikolaj storm, oamc, our legacy, reference studios, sabukaru, title mag, zalando

çağlar lucas is a turkish-german fashion and documentary photographer. in his own way he reflects his longing and hope in images and embraces emotions in an experimental way. he works collaboratively, is in constant exchange with artists, curators, editors and designers. he is based in, milan and istanbul.

oamc paris, 2019

"almanci" documentation in process, turkey 2021

l'officiel magazine turkey, summer issue istanbul 2021

jesse jo stark for interview magazine

les benjamins x title magazine, 2021

sicky magazine x tigersmgmt, 2020

fraeulein magazine, 2021

a series about the charming Russian granny soya x tigersmgmt, 2020

teneriffa bts, 2020

celine bisoux, 2021

low lights studios, 2019-2021

12k berlin, 2021

freedom of space instanbul, 2020

elay - los angeles / saburaku magazine, 2019

our legacy paris, 2019